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Harley | 21 | Vet Tech Institute '14 | Pittsburgh | ISFP | |6w5 |

i've wanted to marry jon stewart since i was 5 years old. you can't step to that. brah. but my boyfriend has taken up the challenge.

some other things i like are stephen colbert, stuff that makes me laugh, cute animals, politics, video games, being an internet hipster and being over-emotional about mundane things.

i'm currently a veterinary assistant but soon i'll be taking my boards to be a certified veterinary technician. so basically i'm a nurse for animals. here are some posts about what it's like.

i have a rottweiler named noel and she is my princess.

this is my face if you're curious. i'm pretty sometimes i guess.

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taco bell breakfast tastes exactly like you’d think it would

disgusting yet delicious

23 hours ago

does having the flu fuck with your emotions because i’m so sad and angry and passive-aggressive and sad right now for no good reason

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tigressa replied to your post “why did i wait this long to start watching an idiot abroad”

I started on Saturday, finished it last night~

i just love how done with everything karl is

1 day ago // tigressa -

dave's streaming dayz y'all

1 day ago // dayz - this is my lazy excuse of pr for him -

why did i wait this long to start watching an idiot abroad

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Don’t wish death upon your enemies wish for them to have this for the rest of their life 


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it pisses me off so much that my mom is a nurse and yet when she picks up something from work she runs around the entire house coughing without covering her mouth and then we all end up with the flu

like fuck if you’re so concerned with keeping dad awake coughing then he can sleep on the couch not you you’re infecting our air

1 day ago

do you ever have those people that you instantly like the moment you meet them (in a platonic way) and you can’t explain why and then you learn more about them and realize it’s because you relate to them on so many levels


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